Megachef Reversible Indoor Grill and Griddle with Removable Glass Lid


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The Megachef Reversible Indoor Grill and Griddle with Removable Glass Lid is designed with a non-stick coating so that you can easily prepare delicious and appetizing meals with less oil than traditional cooking methods.
MegaChef understands that no matter the weather outside, friends and family should always be welcome to enjoy juicy grilled meats and vegetables. Rain or Shine, this grill will be your ticket to those perfect grill lines everyone loves to see! The versatility of a reversible cooking surface means you can grill your meats and veggies, flip the grills cooking surface over and use it as a griddle for eggs, pancakes, and much, much more!
The nonstick surface also means that your clean-up is a breeze! Simply and easily wipe down any remaining foods with a moist dishcloth and you’re done!
This grill is designed to be lightweight and easily portable. You can easily take this reversible grill to your next vacation or getaway! The removable, adjustable temperature control accurately sets the cooking temperature to achieve desired results when cooking a variety of foods.
This grill offers a 15″ by 11″ cooking surface on both sides of the cooking surface panel. This means you are getting both a 15″ Griddle and a 15″ Grill all in one!
A removable glass lid is included for your safety and convenience. You can easily attach and remove the lid as needed to accommodate any cooking style you choose. The lid also features a closing latch to ensure it is not opened accidentally and is securely held in place. Once fully opened and secured in the slots where the lid is attached to the grill, it will remain in a secure upright position to avoid the possibility of closing.

* Item Dimensions: 19.50″ L x x14.50″ W x 3.50″ H

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