MegaChef 11 Inch Square Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan


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Create spectacular dishes with the MegaChef 11 Inch Square Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan with Matching Grill Press. Made of non-stick enameled cast iron for healthier meals by allowing cooks to cut down on oils and fats. This colorful grilling skillet provides the user with 2 pouring spouts to better spread delicious sauces over dishes. The durable cast iron material is guaranteed to last along with the outer enameled coating that protects the cookware from more acidic ingredients. Take advantage of the featured heavy press cover to quickly and evenly cook food from both sides. Bring color to the kitchen with the lovely gradient displayed on the underside of this grilling pan. Create a large variety of meals from grilled cheese and panini, to seared steak and grilled chicken!

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