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Best Tiny House Kits Online

You can buy Tiny House Kits online that will include everything needed to build your very own diminutive dwelling. These kits will arrive at your address with easy-to-follow instructions to building a complete tiny house.

Each tiny house package includes all parts and hardware needed to assemble so you can start building immediately. With limited tools required, most of these tiny house kits can be built in just a day with two adults.

The tiny houses started gaining popularity back in 2014 as people looked to cutting down their costs of living and embracing more minimalist lifestyles. These houses usually size between 100 and 400 square feet, allowing homeowners to cut their carbon footprints and shrink monthly utility bills with the energy-efficient house.

Especially now as many more spend time at home, tiny homes can provide a secluded backyard destination you can customize and even use as a home office, art studio, school space for kids, or just a private escape from the main house.

If you are looking to downsize your dwelling or construct a backyard office, then here are some of our choices of tiny house kits online.

Best Garden House on Wheels by Allwood Mayflower

With the rustic design and signature wagon shape, this Allwood Mayflower embodies the spirit of the American frontier. After a little bit of time, this tiny house can become your new home office, guest house, yoga studio, or your ultimate garden house.

The Mayflower is crafted from Nordic spruce and set atop wrought-iron wheels, further evoking a bucolic, bygone era. At 116 square feet, it can be cozy inside but not big enough to fit your entire garden or yard.

This one can even work as a sunroom, perfect for reading or summertime hanging, as the front side of the house has two large windows and a dual pan glass door. View on Amazon

Best Style Tiny House Kit by Allwood Mayflower

This tiny house has a curved roof with sleek gray siding that will bring style to a 117 square foot package. The French doors with dual glass panes and two tall front windows will let plenty of light in and another window can be placed on either side of the cabin will open to welcome in the fresh air. This house is built from solid Nordic spruce wood and takes only a day to put together. View on Amazon.

Allwood Lillevilla Escape Cabin for Dining

This little escape cabin has exposed wood, peaked roof, that will provide a cozy living space. Allwood makes our list again with their Escape Cabin with a mental image of what a tiny home looks like.

The tiny house kit comes fully stocked with wooden parts, hardware, doors, and windows. Extremely easy to set up, taking only a few hours. The walls are crafted of Allwood’s signature Nordic spruce and measure in at 1.75 inches thick, which is an upgrade over many of the other kits.

At 113 square feet, the Escape cabin can be the perfect home office, guest cottage, or backyard sanctuary. The price makes it a worthwhile investment no matter what you will be using it for. The price of this tiny house varies between $4,000 to $6.000. View on Amazon

Best Tiny House for Home Office

This tiny house has an indoor area spanning just 86 square feet and can be especially cozy. Some may think it is too small for full-time living, however, would work great as a work-from-home office, backyard craft room, mediation room, or your little she-shed. The covered patio area just off the entrance is an ideal place to relax with a refreshing glass of tea. The sliding door leads into the bright interior that features large windows that let in plenty of natural light. View on Amazon.

Build a Cozy Little Log Cabin House

Build a Cozy Little Log Cabin House

Looking to live secluded like Henry Thoreau? You can with this small cabin by Joalex Henry. This is an expert do-it-yourself who built this haven single-handedly shares what you need to know about cabin construction, from picking the best logs to preventing the wood from rotting with the coat of cooking oil. This little tiny house can be built for no more than $2,500 with mostly reclaimed materials. Watch the Step-by-Step Videos to Building Your Tiny Log Cabin.

Learn to Build A Cute Tiny House

Learn to Cute Build Tiny House

There is no doubt that builder Jay Shafer ignited the tiny home movement when he published “The Small House Book” back in 2010. So if you are looking to build a fun-size cabin and have no idea how to get started, we cannot think of a better resource for dipping your toes in Shafer’s website, Tiny Home Builders. There you will find free study guides, downloadable building plans, and a calendar of upcoming workshops for build-it-your-selfers.

Contemporary Prefab Tiny House Cabin

Contemporary Prefab Tiny House Cabin

This is a state-of-the-are prefab 550-square foot timber frame cabin by FabCab.  It is called TimberCab 550, it will ship as a kit of pre-cut building materials designed for on-site assembly by a licensed contractor. The company has a unique approach to prefab construction slashes weeks off building time while reducing material waste. The cost starts at $192,500.

Home Decor for Tiny Houses

Chalkboard and Mirror with Barn Door

Chalkboard and Mirror with Barn Door

Add a unique barn-style Mirror and Chalkboard to your tiny house to give a more rustic look. The combination of functioning bard doors displays a mirror on one side and a chalkboard on the other. You can slide the door one way or the other to reveal each feature. This is a great item to display in the kitchen to make a grocery list or family messages, or great for your guest with fun notes in the entryway of your tiny house. View in Our Catalog

View even more Home Decor Products in Our Catalog!

Decorating for Outside of Your Tiny House

Now that you have possibly chosen a tiny house and have already set it up, it is time to decorate the outside with lovely high-demand garden products! Perhaps you are a bird watcher and would like to accommodate your garden with comfort for the birds by providing them with their very own house then please read our article on the best 9 garden birdhouses.

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