Best at Home Popcorn Makers

Best at Home Popcorn Makers

Popcorn will bring joyful memories whether it is gathering for a movie night with your family or friends, movies, or the state fair. Most everyone enjoys the happiness of eating popcorn.

Therefore, we have gathered up some of the best-rated popcorn makers on the market to share with you.

Before you start shopping for that popcorn maker consider these factors about how and how often you will be using the popcorn maker. Your choice may need to depend on your family size and how often they like the popcorn as their snack along with the space you have available to store the appliance.

Types of Popcorn Makers

A stovetop is the most traditional, it is essentially a pot that features a built-in stirring mechanism for even cooking. The stovetop popcorn maker produces that corn flavor that many adore and is great if you do not have electricity. These stovetop makers can be a bit difficult to clean and store, which may detour you away as do not have the time to spend cleaning.

Electric the popcorn maker is extremely popular that produces popcorn with just a push of the button. Many of these are air poppers, which means they use hot air instead of oil to pop the kernels and are much healthier.

The electric popcorn maker is easy to clean and some of the parts are dishwasher safe. Depending on the brand and size, they too can be difficult to store and can be more expensive.

Microwave is the alternate to zapping a pre-packed bag of popcorn. The microwave popcorn bowls will allow you to add as many kernels as possible you want and even without butter, pop and serve, sometimes even store it in the vessel.

If you get one that is collapsible, that will take less storage space.  Due to these being made of food-safe plastics, they can produce off flavored popcorn and retain smell.


The materials are often dependent on the popcorn maker you choose. The stovetop poppers are made from stainless steel, microwave popcorn poppers are usually plastic or silicone and can affect the price.

Materials do make a difference when it comes to the final popcorn maker product. Steel and aluminum have improved heat distribution, silicone and plastic are lightweight, inexpensive, and practically impenetrable.

The glass material can be tricky to store and is prone to break but does not retain off-flavors or odors and can be more attractive.


Popcorn is a great snack for feeding a family or large crowd, so you would ideally want a popcorn maker that can produce big amounts in one go, instead of having to make batch after batch.

The larger capacity poppers will take up more space, this is something to consider if you do not have extra room in your kitchen.

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Our Best Overall: Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Our Best Overall: Cuisinart EasyPop Hot Air Popcorn Maker

This one is simple to use with just a flick of the button, constant 1500 wats of power to leave no kernel unpopped and attractive. Create up to 10 cups of popcorn at a time in under three minutes with this bright red machine. The lid can be used to measure kernels or for melting butter, you can feel a tad less guilty about slathering on, cause no oil is required to create a bowl full of popcorn in the first place.  The chute and butter tray can be easy to remove and is dishwasher safe, so you will not need to deep clean the popcorn maker cut into your binge-watching on Hulu. View on Amazon

Best Stovetop: Franklin’s Original Whirly Pop Popcorn Maker

Best Stovetop Franklin’s Original Whirly Pop

There is something comforting about turning back the time to kinder, gentle times before the microwave was the next big thing and we were required to wait patiently to pop kernels on the stovetop. The Franklin Whirly Pop is beautiful while managing to streamline the process of making that authentic kettle corn.  The steam vents release moisture to create those fluffier kernels, while the hand crank mechanism stirs them up to prevent burning and evenly distribute the oil. This little beauty makes six quarts at a time, double that of your standard microwave bag. View on Amazon

Best Microwave Cuisinart Pop and Serve Popcorn Maker

Best Microwave Cuisinart Pop and Serve

Cuisinart continues to assert dominance in the popcorn maker niche, with this silicone bowl that is all about convenience. This maker boasts a ten-cup capacity, and you just simply need to pour the desired amount of kernels into the BPA-free bowl, add oil or not works, either way, zap for three to five minutes, enjoy directly from the bowl, then snap on the lid to store leftovers. View on Amazon

Best Electric West Bend Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Popcorn Maker

Best Electric West Bend Hot Oil Popcorn Popper


Lots of electric machines are also de facto air poppers nowadays. West End provides the motorized ease that popcorn enthusiasts crave in electro-powered vessels, while still creating kernels coated with decadent oil or butter. Equipped with a stirring rod to avoid sticking and burning, along with a built-in butter well and heat-resistant handles and base, you can make six quarts of popcorn in under four minutes. The domed lid can be flipped over and used as your serving bowl. View on Amazon

Brentwood Hot Air Popcorn Maker in Red or White

Brentwood Hot Air Popcorn Maker in Red or White

The Brentwood classic popcorn maker pops fresh, hot, and delicious popcorn in minutes! With its 1200-watt power, it provides you with a theater-style treat without having added calories from oil. This popcorn uses hot air to popcorn kernels without having to add additional oil. This fanciful popcorn machine is easy to use and clean. Made from durable plastic construction, this set will be a part of your home for a long time. View Here


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