Best 9 Garden Birdhouses

Best 9 Garden Birdhouses

Best 9 Garden Birdhouses that serve as a place to build nests and provide security safe places for birds to build their nest and nurture their young. The birds use birdhouses to nestle together in the winter.


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Best 9 Garden Birdhouses

Moss-Edged Bird House Noah`s Ark Birdhouse

Are you wanting to build a birdhouse at your residence or your business location? Then it is important for you to think of the kind of species you are building the birdhouse for. You will also need to appropriate the size you prefer and the place where you are considering setting up the birdhouse. Do not forget about the material needed or made of if the birdhouse is already made.

Best 9 Garden Birdhouses

The Woodlink Wooden Bluebird Birdhouse

Looking for a quality birdhouse, then this model is the right to pick for you. This birdhouse is made of inland red, kiln-dried, and reforested cedar. The design is particularly patterned to lure bluebirds. The tiny hole is perfect for eastern bluebirds and it comes with an air ventilation gap located at the top and you can find the drain hole at the birdhouse’s base. You will not have any problems cleaning up since it comes with an easy-to-open front.

You will love insect-repelling also as weather-resistant features too. This basic design birdhouse is rustproof, which means it could resist any changes in temperature and easy to assemble. The front section slides down for the purpose of easily tracking the progress of residing birds without distracting them. View on Amazon.

Melissa & Doug Build Your Own Wooden Birdhouse

Looking for a high-end birdhouse for children? This product is an ideal choice for you. It is effortless to set up so kids will surely have a terrific experience while building it. The package will include screws, a paintbrush, wooden panels, and 4 pots of paint.

You will love insect-repelling also as weather-resistant features too. This basic design birdhouse is rustproof, which means it could resist any changes in temperature and easy to assemble. The front section slides down for the purpose of easily tracking the progress of residing birds without distracting them. View on Amazon.

Colored Country Cottages Birdhouse by Cartman

This birdhouse is popular and a wise pick by consumers on market. This model is made of metal and wood decorated with delightful cutouts of garden adornments. The design of the sliding door on the back section makes it easy to clean.

Many customers prefer this brand due to it adding cheer and thrill to any garden embellishment. It also a great present for anyone who loves the nature of watching birds along with decorating their garden. This birdhouse is well-built, just the right size, and is beautiful. View on Amazon

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Cupcake Bakery Birdhouse by Songbird Valley

Best Birdhouses

This cupcake birdhouse is well designed by Songbird Valley and is fully functional. Built with one 1 ¼ inch hole that will invite nesting birds into the home and keep the larger birds out. The bright colors of pink, yellow, and blue will stand out from the other birdhouses in your garden. If you own a bakery or restaurant shop can even purchase to display for your customers to see the beautifully crafted birdhouse. View in Catalog

Wood Tavern Birdhouse by Songbird Valley

Wood Tavern Birdhouse by Songbird Valley


Keep the birds coming back with this fun tavern birdhouse. Full of life-like details including a wood barrel and handpainted sign, this decorative birdhouse offers the perfect spot for birds to relax. It’s made from durable eucalyptus wood that will withstand the elements for a long time. Bird entrance hole measures 1″ x 1″. Clean out hole measures 1″ x 1″. Hanging rope: 8″. View In Catalog

Cedar Home Birdhouse by Perky-Pet

Bird enthusiasts and nature lovers sure do like great birdhouses. This product will be ideal for you.  If you like to use it outside, you will need to utilize acrylic paint and carefully sealed it so it will not get damaged easily under extreme weather conditions.

If you look at it closely, it is slightly hard to tell whether it is predator-proof since you can lift up its roof without a hassle. This one also comes with air ventilation under the roof and no consumer has said anything negative about the design. View on Amazon

Butterfly and Flowers Birdhouse by Dawhud Direct

Having bluebird, cardinal, and dove birdhouse plans can be a great help when trying to figure out which model can be the most functional for you. This one is a certified admirable gift for any nature or bird watcher. It can be a cool adornment to your garden, patio, or deck. It is nice to see places that have birdhouses as this one to aid any garden or other areas of the yard.
This birdhouse is built and comes with a jute cord that is securely fastened for hanging. The design clean-out plug located on the bottom section is easy to remove. Made of polyresin with a unique hand-painted design. View on Amazon

2-Piece Easy Clean Gourd Birdhouse

Colors that attract birds are important factors to consider when purchasing a birdhouse for your garden.  In truth investing in a high-quality model can be a daunting task.  You can compare the pros and cons of the birdhouse products that you are most likely to buy.

This birdhouse is easy to clean, lightweight, and designed with an off-white plastic gourd that is designed to reflect heat and keep those birds comfortable and cool. The starling-resistant entrance holes are precisely meant to aid impede starling from nesting. You will not have to struggle when mounting it since the hardware and instructions are already included in the package. View on Amazon

Cedar Wren Birdhouse by Nature’s Way

If you are looking for a reasonably priced and easy to clean birdhouse that is designed with a latch for opening, crafted with quality materials, natural cedar, then this product has all those features.

Decorative birdhouses are beautiful with many options to choose from. Like this product, aside from the out-of-ordinary style and design, it is built with rot and insect-resistant premium cedar, and a clean-out door that provides instant access for cleaning and air ventilation that enables adequate air ventilation through the floor and wall openings to promote bird health. View on Amazon

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  1. Hi Jannette
    Thanks for sharing your reviews on the best Garden birdhouses. This small and any models always get my attention .I liked your collection of 9 birdhouses. Melissa & Doug’s bird house seems to be quite good  is my little daughter can paint it as per her wish , but wood Tavern birdhouse is the king among all .it just swept my attention with the tiny little details  like the Lantern and the small wheel in front of the house .I am definitely going to buy it .
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Author

      Hello Gaurav, 

      The Melissa & Doug birdhouse is a great birdhouse project for kids. My grandkids sure did enjoy crafting their own with extra purchases of stickers to add to the sides. I appreciate you buying the wood Tavern birdhouse, that sure will make a great comfortable place in your garden. 

  2. Thank you for a wonderful review- Best 9 Garden Birdhouses. A bird house will compliment any garden, one should not buy  any birdhouse but one bases on the type of birds found in that area . The information provided is adequate helping me choose my perfect birdhouse. Being able to get such beautiful houses to assemble with your children is great.

    1. Author

      Hello Diana, Thank you for reading my review on birdhouses and taking the time to leave a comment. I agree that the building of birdhouses with your children is great and helps them learn about wildlife!

  3. Oh my word, these are just so cute. When I think of birdhouses, I simply think of the plain wooden ones with the holes in the side. I had no idea you could now get so decorative and fancy.

    I love the Wooden Tavern. I just wonder if the wild birds will enjoy using something like this, or will they be scared off by all the colorful bits and pieces. Just having these in your garden can really give your trees a facelift.

    1. Author

      The decorative birdhouses are loved by the birds and grandkids love watching the birds go in and out of the decorative birdhouses like the Wooden Tavern. 

  4. I love birdhouses and your article gave me a few new ones to consider adding to my backyard area. They are really cute! I especially like the “birds and butterflies” decorated birdhouse, probably because I enjoy watching the real birds and butterflies in our yard.

    Thanks for giving me some new ideas for our yard and also for giving as gifts!

    1. Author

      Hello Diane,

      The butterflies do go very well with the little birds visiting their comfort birdhouses in the garden or any yard. The decoration of butterflies on the birdhouse is a plus, allows for even the small children to enjoy the nature of providing a secure safe place for the visiting birds. 

  5. I have just recently started gardening and my plants are doing well. I had the idea of trying to attract birds, but I didn’t know about this variety of birdhouses. This collection is beautiful and I like the country cottage and the butterfly and flowers designs. These are colorful and attractive in the garden even when the birds are not home. My biggest question is “How can I get birds to come hang out ?”….. Thanks for the information

    1. Author

      Hello JJ,

      To get birds to hang out in birdhouses in your garden you will need to select the right size of the birdhouse for the birds, choose the best location where you see the birds already hanging out, provide nesting materials near the birdhouse if there isn’t any around but do not put inside the birdhouse. 

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