Best 8 Cookware Sets for 2021

Best 8 Cookware Sets for 2021

When you are looking to equip your kitchen with the best cookware, there will be some advantages of buying the complete set. In this review of the best 8 cookware sets for 2021, we will discuss the best 8 choices and important factors.

A complete cookware set can be much less expensive than buying each piece individually, so you will save money. Different types of cookware can perform differently on your stovetop. When all the cookware is the same, you will know how long it takes to heat up and how sensitive the temperature changes. Also, having a set of cookware on the stove that looks the same will be more stylish than buying pieces individually.

When you are choosing a set, it is important to think about what you cook and how much you will be cooking. A small frying pan may be the perfect item for a single person but much less useful for a family. If a set is almost the perfect one you are looking for but is missing a piece, most manufacturers will sell open stock cookware so you can buy the missing piece to match the set.

Keep in mind that lids count as pieces and some sets may include inexpensive extra items like spoons and spatulas that will add to the piece count.

Continue reading for our selection of the best 8 cookware sets for 2021.

Best 8 Cookware Sets for 2021

Overall Best Cookware Set: Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set

To experience cooking like a professional chef then this high-quality set of stainless-steel cookware will give you that feeling. The set includes both a 1.5 and 3-quart saucepan, 8- and 10-inch open skillet, a 3.5-quart sauté pan, an 8-quart stockpot, and steamer insert. Each piece comes with lids except the skillets and the steamer insert.  The price fits perfectly with the quality and the number of pieces you get.

This cookware set is made of stainless steel with an aluminum core, they are induction compatible, oven safe up to 550 degrees, and dishwasher safe. The feature that we love is the long handles that stay comfortably cool during cooking and have hanging holes for storage, however, the side loop handles can get quite hot. View on Amazon or View on WayFair.

Best Durability Cookware Set: All-Clad D3 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 7-Piece Set

The All-Clad cookware is more expensive, anyone who has used All-Clad will tell you that it lasts forever. Most importantly, it cooks evenly and is easy to clean. The 3-layers of metal are bonded and the layers extend all the way to the rim for better heat distribution.

This set includes 4 essential pieces that will get used regularly, with no odd pans that will spend their lives hiding in your storage. Even better, they are all large enough for family use. This set is also induction compatible, safe for use with any utensils, broiler, and oven safe up to 600 degrees, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The set comes with a 10-inch frying pan, a 3-quart saucepan with a lid, a 3-quart sauté pan with a lid, and an 8-quart stockpot with a lid.  This set is made in the U.S. and comes with a lifetime warranty.  View on Amazon

Best Splurge Cookware Set: Full Set by Sardel

Best Splurge Cookware Set: Full Set by Sardel

Sardel joins the ranks of best new cookware startups that are grabbing consumers’ attention with their well-crafted pots and pans. The pieces in this set are made in Italy and have two layers of stainless steel surrounding a 3-layer aluminum core, giving you the even heat distribution and the quality to last a lifetime. If for any reason at all you do not love this set, can return it for free within 30 days of the purchase date or take advantage of the lifetime warranty.

The design of this set fits right in with the company’s mission statement: creating beautifully sleek essentials that will not clutter up your kitchen. The handles are heat resistant and hollow for easy maneuvering and the edges are curved for spill-free pouring. View on Sardel.

Best Nonstick Cookware Set: Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Each one of us knows that nonstick frying pans are great for cooking eggs and this goes way beyond breakfast. This non-stick set comes with a 1.5 and 3-quart saucepan, an 8-quart stockpot, 3-quart saute pan, 12-inch deep-covered skillet with a helper handle, and an 8-ich French skillet. It is not much else you will in a comprehensive set like this one.

Crafted from anodized aluminum, the pans are responsive to heat changes. We have noted when testing this set that the thick bottoms and sides of these pans distribute the heat evenly, preventing any hot or cold spots while you cook. We even liked that the lids are shatterproof glass letting you see inside while cooking, and the handles are covered with a non-slip material that will stay cool. They are even oven safe up to 400 degrees. The only complaint we have is they are not dishwasher-safe or induction-compatible. View on Amazon or View on Kohls.

Best Ceramic Cookware Set by Bialetti: Ceramic Pro 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware

This set includes 8-inch and 10-inch sauté pans, 1.5 quart and 3-quart saucepans with lids, 3-quart deep sauté pan with lid, and a 6-quart Dutch oven with lid. Crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, the cookware set is responsive to heat changes while the stainless-steel handles stay cool during cooking. The included lids are crafted of glass, so you will be able to check on the food without releasing the heat, the handles are generously sized, so they are easy to grab and hold.

The nonstick ceramic interior will not give off toxic fumes, even if the pan is overheated, however, the overheating could damage the cookware surface. You need to keep in mind the care required to maintain the nonstick surface. The coating held up during our testing period but became less effective over time. View on Amazon

Best Copper Cookware Set: Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 18/10 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware

The hammered copper exterior of this cookware set by Lagostina is beautiful and serves a greater purpose. Did you know copper heats five times better than cast iron and up to 20-times better than stainless steel? Yes, It Does! This exceptional heat conduction spreads heat faster and more evenly than any other type of material, giving you greater responsiveness when trying to control the temperature of your pan.

This cookware set includes an 8-inch skillet, 10-inch skillet, 2-quart saucepan with lid, 3-quart saucepan with lid, 3-quart deep saute pan with lid, and a 6-quart stockpot with lid. The sturdy riveted stainless steel handles give you easy handling, and the entire pot is ovenproof up to 500 degrees. Although we recommend hand washing these beautiful pieces along with additional upkeep if you prefer a shiny look versus the patina finish that will develop over time. View on Amazon

Best Budget Cookware Set: T-fal Excite ProGlide

T-fal made its name with nonstick cookware that was revolutionary for its time, and the brand continues to produce and innovate nonstick products at budget costs. This set features the Thermo-Spot heat indicator in the center of the cooking surface that changes color when the pan is properly heated and ready for cooking. Each piece is over safe up to 350 degrees and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning when the cooking is done.

The set includes an 8-inch frying pan, a 10-inch frying pan, a 1-quart saucepan with a lid, a 2-quart saucepan with a lid, a detachable strainer to fit the 2-quart saucepan, a 5-quart Dutch oven with a lid, and a set of measuring spoons. View on Amazon


Best Induction Cookware Set: HEXCLAD Hybrid Commercial Set

This innovative cookware set has a combination of both stainless steel and nonstick material on the interior and exterior in a hexagon pattern. The stainless-steel feature provides excellent searing ability while the nonstick material means that food will release easily, and cleaning will be a breeze. The aluminum core makes this cookware responsive to temperature changes, it will react quickly when adjusting the heat up or down.

This set is exceptionally durable, metal utensil safe, and dishwasher safe. You can even use it in the oven up to 500 degrees. This set does not include as many pieces as some other cookware sets on this list, it does include an 8-inch covered sauté pan, a 10-inch covered sauté pan, a 12-inch covered sauté pan, and a 12-inch wok. Each pan is induction-safe, which consumers say is a big plus. View on Amazon.

Best Long Lasting Nonstick Cookware Set by Pampered Chef

Best Long Lasting Nonstick Cookware Set by Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef 5-Piece nonstick cookware set will let you always have the right size pan you need when completing your cooking tasks. It comes with all the essential pieces you need to cook for your family and friends, with helpful features that make cooking faster and easier. Features top-of-the-line-titanium-reinforced, four-layer nonstick coating is PFOA-free and provides even heat conduction and consistent results every time. It non-stick and promises use of metal utensil is safe to use on the non-stick coating. The exclusive 2-step removable handle is a space-saving stickability revolution. With our lifetime guarantee, the Pampered Chef cookware is a smart and savvy investment that will enrich your life, one meal and one memory at a time for years to come. View Here


Factors Need to Know

What type of cookware is induction compatible?

The cookware only works on induction cooktops or portable induction burners in campers and RVs if it contains ferromagnetic materials, meaning either it has iron or a layer with magnetic properties. Cast iron and magnetic stainless-steel sets are induction compatible, but aluminum, copper, and glass sets are not unless they have an added layer on the bottom with the magnetic properties. Be cautious when it comes to stainless steel as it can be made with a variety of materials that may block the magnetic field. Most manufactures will specify with labels on the packaging or pans themselves if they are induction compatible.

What is anodized cookware?

An anodized exterior, that is sometimes found on aluminum cookware, hardens the metal, creates a colored surface, and protects the pans from stains and corrosion. You may be able to use any type of utensil with anodized cookware and not have to worry about scratches. Keep in mind that not all anodized cookware will be nonstick.

Is nonstick cookware safe?

If you buy a new nonstick cookware set, you can be assured that it is safe and has no PFOA perfluorooctanoic acid also known as C-8 that is used sometimes to bond the nonstick coating to the pan before 2015. The effects of PFOA of low does in humans are disputed, there are still some links to health concerns. If used properly without overheating, not using metal utensils, and using abrasive cleaners, there should not be any concern about your old nonstick pans.

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  1. What a beautiful array of cookware. I will soon be replacing the set that has served me for many years, and in this list I see quite a few options. My first pick would be the Anolon nonstick pans. I also like the anodized features because it can be quite annoying to worry about scratching my pans. I also like the Sardel. My kids have all grown big and left home so it’s just my husband and myself to cook for and we don’t cook a lot. I have been checking the prices and besides liking them I find them affordable. Thanks for this article

    1. Author

      Hello JJ, thanks for reading our review on the best cookware sets. I can personally relate to splurging on a new cookware set like the Sardel mentioned and also not having to worry about scratches in your cookware. I get one scratch in my cookware, am ready to replace it. 

  2. Thanks for bringing us this great selection of cookware.

    I have always bought my cookware in sets, as I like everything to look well and match, even though no one but me ever sees them!

    I have an induction hob and love it’s speed and efficiency.  I highly recommend them.  When I first got it some years ago, the number of saucepans that operated on it were certainly less than today.  As almost all saucepans are compatible now.

    I like the copper set that you are reviewing.  These would be great for anyone who likes to display their cookware in their kitchen, as they really look the part.  Plus if they heat 5 times faster then they will be much more efficient too.

    1. Author

      Hello Geoff,

      The copper set we use when traveling is of the single induction burner in our camper. It’s a great set for showcases in homes with guests and I certainly understand your point about it being a set to show off. 

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