Best 5 Espresso Machines in 2021

Best 5 Espresso Machines in 2022

Thinking of buying a new espresso machine, then this list of the best 5 espresso machines in 2021 may be of great use.

A wonderful aspect of buying espresso machines aside from tasty coffee is the variety in choice. Products range from bare-bones budget picks to thousand-dollar machines that can make specialty drinks with the touch of a button. The sheer number of options should not feel overwhelming though, it simply means there is a great espresso maker out there for everyone.

You need to start by narrowing down your price range. Then think about the features you want and perhaps just as importantly the features you cannot live without. Many prefer machines with attached milk frothers so they can make lattes and cappuccinos. Some may only drink straight espressos. From there it is easier to tackle smaller considerations like how much space does the machine need? Or how hard is it to prep and clean?

Our Best 5 Espresso Machines in 2021

Best Overall Espresso Machine by Mr.Coffee

Mr. Coffee is a familiar name for electronic drip coffee machines, but they have designed a highly rated espresso machine complete with a milk frother so you can have cappuccino or lattes at home any time you would like one. Since this does not use capsules, you can use any coffee beans you like, whether you grind it fresh or buy it from the market. The water and milk reservoirs are both removable for easy filling and cleaning, and a touch panel makes it simple to select the drink you want. You can even customize your drink or choose the manual setting for even more control. The machine automatically goes to sleep after fifteen minutes of non-use, saving you power.

The café Barista received high marks in our testing phase, particularly because of its ease of use and design. This machine is sleek and modern looking, our reviewer commented it easily fits in with the rest of our kitchen appliances, and the parts are labeled clearly and removable for convenient cleaning and refilling. View on Amazon

Best with Grinder Espresso Machine

Espresso aficionados will tell you that the brew is best when the beans are ground fresh, and the Barista Express makes that easy with an integrated conical burr grinder. We tested the product ourselves and found the many customizable settings to be convenient, especially concerning the grinder. Our reviewer adjusted the grind size, grind amount, and tamp to get the perfect espresso shot. There might be a learning curve involved in this espresso machine, it is worth it in the end, the Barista Express is one of the best at-home espresso machines on the market.

The water tank includes a carbon filter to remove impurities from the water before brewing, and it holds two liters of water, so you will have enough to make espresso for a crowd before you need to refill. When you are not making espressos, you can use the grinder on its own for your French press or cold brew coffee.

This fifteen-bar pressure machine has two presents for standard shot sizes, but you can override those for custom amounts if you like. The steam wand finishes your beverages with exquisitely steamed milk for all your favorite coffeehouse drinks. View on Amazon or View on Wayfair.

Best Mid-Range Espresso Machine

It could not be any easier. This machine uses convenient Nespresso Capsules, so there is no need for messy grinding, filling, and tamping, and the frother prepares milk for layered coffee drinks. The Nespresso capsules are crafted from aluminum, so they are recyclable.

This Nespresso machine uses 19 bars of pressure to achieve the best flavor in all your coffee drinks, whether you want a simple shot or an artistic cappuccino. The proprietary heating system takes cold water to the ideal brewing temperature in just a few seconds, so you will never have to wait for the machine to heat up. After we tested the Lattissima Pro, we found that it heats up quickly and virtually has no cleanup making it one of the most efficient espresso machines around.

The detachable milk container lets you store milk in the refrigerator between coffee uses, and the auto-clean feature keeps the foamer clean. Coffee styles are pre-programmed, so you do not need to remember settings-just choose ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, steamed milk, or hot water with the press of a button. View on Amazon

Best Splurge Espresso Machine

This espresso maker by Breville has a high price but compared to some of the other machines on the market this machine is actually a good deal. It is reliable, durable, and produces consistently great coffee.

The dual-boiler espresso systems are undoubtedly the gold standard for home or commercial equipment: they allow the machine to maintain the optimum temperature for simultaneously brewing espresso coffee at 195-205 degrees as well as for creating steam closer to 250 degrees, which means no waiting around, watching your crema disappear while you wait to steam milk. The device also has programmable options for softly pre-infusing the coffee and has a control valve that monitors extraction pressure-these two things most home machines do not feature. If espresso is your go-to coffee every day, this is the machine for you. View on Amazon or View on Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Commercial Espresso Machine

This one is probably a little over the top for most casual home users, it would be impressive on the kitchen counter while you are pulling shots of espresso during family holidays or dinner parties. It is made for commercial use; it is NSF and CSA certified so you can move it from your kitchen to your coffee shop. It has programmable dosing for a delicious shot of espresso every time, and a huge 14-liter copper boiler so you can make espresso shots for the entire neighborhood before you need to refill. A water softener and installation kit are included as well.  View on Amazon

What to look for when shopping for an Espresso Machine

Ease of use

Some espresso machines are easy to use, while others include many different settings to help you fine-tune your brew. No matter if you like experimenting with different features or if you are happy to simply add coffee and let the machine do the work, there is an option for you, just think about what you prefer when it comes to making your favorite cup of coffee.


An espresso machine with built-in frothing capability gives you a wide range of fancy coffee drinks that you can create from home, but it also gives you one more piece to clean and maintain. Will you need to froth milk? Does the versatility offset the extra cleaning and maintenance? Because there are separate devices that can froth milk, you may want to buy an espresso machine without this capability and then decide later on.


A large espresso machine will likely be a permanent home on your counter, while a small machine can easily be moved in and out of storage. Medium-sized machines can be moved if you need the counter space. So, consider how much space you have, as well as how portable you would like the machine to be.

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